4 Reasons Why You Should Ditch Whey Protein Powders

I’ve been using Vega’s Sport Performance Protein religiously for over a year now. It’s Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, and tastes delicious! I was wary at first switching over from a whey protein, but after realizing how good I felt post-workout with these shakes, I’ve never looked back! The price of a 19-serving tub has reduced dramatically as well, you can find it for as low as $39.99 in many supplement stores across Vancouver.

Here are four reasons why you should think about switching your whey protein for a plant-based Vega protein!

1.Whey Protein Is Hard On Your Digestive Track

Not only is a wide range of people from all backgrounds and races lactose intolerant, it’s just not healthy for your body to digest so much whey in one sitting. For starters, you can tell right off the bat that your gut is not happy. You may experience bloating, gassiness and overall stomach discomfort. No evidence is needed, just go to the gym and experience it yourself. You can always tell which guys at the gym just downed a whey protein shake… they leave a trail of flatulence – a deadly stench. Nasty, but true.

I’ve tried all different types of Whey back in the day. No matter their concentrate or “quality”, my stomach was always a mess – even with Whey Isolate. With Vega, I don’t find my stomach to hurt at all after a shake. No bloating!

2. Say No To Artificial Sweeteners

Many Whey-based shakes out there are sweetened with artificial substances. Artificial substances are more likely than not made from GMO crops such as sugar beets, corn, or soy. Even though they are approved for safe-consumption, many users report symptoms such as heart-palpitations, muscle-cramping and dizziness. Thankfully, Vega doesn’t use artificial sweeteners but instead uses stevia- a plant-based low-cal sweetener.

3. Cut Back The Dairy

If you already consume dairy in many of your meals throughout the day, why not switch your whey protein to Vega? I’m a firm believer in becoming plant-based at your own pace, but when it comes to proteins, if there is one available that is just as tasty, and better for you – why not?

Vega is a tasty alternative to a dairy-based powder.

Cutting back on dairy will also be beneficial for your skin. If you suffer from acne or even minor breakouts, cutting out dairy – whey protein especially – may be beneficial for your glow. You may notice after you cut out your whey protein shakes that your complexion is clearer and more  Plant-based Proteins Have Evolved

4. The Market Is Growing

With the market growing, plant-based proteins have evolved and don’t taste like garbage anymore! I really do like the Vega Sport Performance Protein and there is a ton of variety at supplement stores these days. They come in a ton of flavours like vanilla, chocolate, berry, and mocha! Most plant-based proteins are “complete” proteins, meaning that they mix a variety of different sources to get the full range of amino acids7 This is true for Vega. There main sources of protein are from peas, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, and alfalfa protein. Each scoop of protein has 3g of fibre to aid in digestion as well as probiotics for a happy gut!

Give Vega a try! You may end up loving it as much as I do!

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