The Hike You MUST do in Amalfi!

This is my all time favourite hike in Italy. The Valle Delle Ferriere trail, that was once used to connect to other towns in the Amalfi coast, is home to some spectacular views.
While exploring the town, we left the core and began to follow a little golf cart bringing people up with the sign “Lemon Farm Tour”, and of course me, I was interested in seeing a lemon farm because, hey, who hasn’t thought about going to a lemon farm? Once we realized people were driven into a gate – a gate that closes behind them – we decided to walk back. And as we did, we stumbled upon this sign “Valle Delle Ferriere” and I’m so glad we did!


Although it is away from the coast line, Valle Delle Ferriere surprises you with every step, revealing an abundance of lemon trees in a lush mountain range.
Amalfi is known for their gigantic lemons. Though they are a little dinosauric in their appearance, they do make delicious gelato!
As you climb up the stone steps, you reach a small restaurant. Fore Porta. They sell fresh, organic produce that they grow right there on their property.
Their outdoor patio lets you enjoy some of their fresh made sandwiches, bruchetta, or cold drinks


We decided to go for the bruchetta served on a home-made toasty rye. It was delicious!
After our little pit stop, we continued down the trail where the stone steps stopped and a more dense forest trail began. If you continue down this trail you will run into some old ruins of a paper mill that have been taken over by nature. 
Go farther down the path and you’re greeted by dozens of fresh pools of water. This one had the largest waterfall, and was nice to take a dip! Glad we brought our bathing suit! 🙂

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